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Actress Tracy McNulty base in Los Angeles  known by others as Stresh is an Asian American actress, author and producer,

received special thanks by numerous films and friends/collaborators in the entertainment industry for her valued contribution.  Honored and thankful to have worked with outstanding directors and actors for thriller, action, suspense, comedy and/or dramatic feature films/student/indie films.  Passionate about acting Tracy Stresh McNulty  played various comedic roles like

Very angry funny Asian store owner


Nurse with strong Asian funny accent


Esthetician were she waxes off men’s chest hair


Court officer 


Mistress etc. 

She is very proud to appeared in principal dramatic roles such as

Sinister strict church parish Leader


Asian mother of a kidnapped daughter  


Girlfriend of a secretly gay (closet) boyfriend 


Rich Asian wife of a former football player  


Wife of a cheating husband


Witch roles 


Doctor roles


Cold hearted Therapist  


Bank Manager of robbery heist 


and many more other roles where she gained vast acting experience and continues to learn her craft.  She authored a book titled “Epic Launch Formula” to help out everyone starting a home business which is distributed worldwide like  Kindle, Amazon etc.  A member of numerous organizations in Los Angeles like Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue (SCLRR) where she adopted two yellow Labradors.  When not at the rehearsal, acting class or filming, Ms. McNulty loves to travel all around greater part of Hollywood or Tourists Spots in various States.  She regularly travels most of Asian countries during cold weather.   These travels include humanitarian acts, volunteering, red carpet events and charities such as The Humane Society Of The United States HSUS, USOC,  Feed the Homeless LA,  Leukemia Lymphoma Society, UNICEF and many more others.  She  have various websites for products and/or services  and partnered with Best reliable  Brand Name Companies  which can be seen at her website and with visitors coming from all over the world.   International experienced includes her cultural heritage in Asia where she has done acting, numerous print ads and glamour still photo shoots.   She loves to share with the world her work, travel adventures and what she does by her Youtube channel called Stresh Channel  where she is blessed to have quite a number of following .  
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